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A regular creative outlet is an important part of education, including your general wellbeing and emotional health. Production of shows helps learners to access growth opportunities and brings arts under one roof.

As an example, kinesthetic learners take part in dances, spatial learners tackle design of set and costume, and linguistic learners are into the spoken and written word. On the other hand, musical learners revel in the score of shows.

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We’re a team of theatre lovers and enthusiasts. A big part of our team has worked in the theater industry all their life.

John Peri

CEO and Founder


What They Say

An absolutely beautiful platform for theatre enthusiasts like me that's why I am so thankful to have found it.
Drake Bell
If it weren't for Onyxtheatre I may not found the fitting play for me and It was absolutely fantastic! We really enjoyed the play.
William Spear
I love working with Onyxtheatre! their passion for their craft and open mind to risks and possibilities is contagious.
Andre Owe
"This is honestly one of the best platforms I've ever experience. The experience of being in "La Grande Bataille Culinaire" was completely new for me thank you for suggesting this play.
Christian Oliver



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