Toilets That Theater Actors Must Have

Theater actors have a really busy lifestyle, they always are in a hurry. Every detail could change work for them. For example, if the toilet is not easy to use and is designed badly with lack of features, it can make actors day quite bad and take more time to use these toilets. That affects the time for practicing and even acting, and nobody wants that.

Problems with toilets
A lot of theaters at this time have really bad toilets. Mostly in all cases, the biggest problem is toilet not filling up with water. That makes it look bad and after time it also smells bad. And at the end, the toilet is not flushing away at all. Another big problem is the lack of toilets. Actors have to spend a lot of time standing in a line to the toilet and it makes them late for practice and acting.

Here are the top features of toilets that theater actors must have
First of all, every theater should have men and women toilet. Toilets shouldn’t be together, that makes a bigger mess.

Here are the features toilets must have:

  • Power assist. Say goodbye to not flushing away. This one uses compressed air to help everything flush away. This feature is important if the toilet visits a lot of people and it will also make the toilet work for a longer time.
  • Special toilets for actors with special needs. Yes, of course in theater there are actors with special needs and if there are no toilets for them, how could they work? This is a really important feature and should be at every theater.
  • Design. Theater should also create a toilet that looks good. It makes every actor more comfortable and that will make persons work a lot better. You work better when feeling comfortable. Isn’t that right?
  • Built-in seat warmer. This one is handy especially if the theater is located where it’s cold outside. This will make the actor more comfortable. Also, it’s a great feature.
  • Automatic washing system. This feature should be a must so the toilets are always clean. Nobody likes toilets that smell bad, I think everyone will agree with that.

Perfect for theater actors on the go
Probably every actor is always in a hurry, but sometimes there are some actors who are in a much bigger hurry than the usual ones. In that case, the toilet is important. First, it should be fast and easy located. Best shape probably is the bowl shape. It’s smaller than the others and faster to use. Best design for these type of actors is one piece toilet. It’s most common and easiest to clean. If actors are always in a hurry, it’s very important.

Actors are one of those who keep the culture alive. Job for them is not easy, remembering all the texts and to do everything at the right time. What world would be without theater actors? My guessing is awful. That’s why every actor should have good designed and easy to use the toilet, to make their work easier and better.