Can Theater Actors be Good Woodworkers?

Do you think an actor can be a woodworker? The busy life of an actor requires a suitable work-life balance. What an actor does away from the theatre rooms; matters a lot to his career growth.

The art of making woodwork designs from simple wood requires a high level of creativity and artistic skill.

Some of the common attributes between the two artistic careers include

  • Builds artistic designs from scratch
  • Needs a high level of accuracy
  • Must be a critical thinker
  • Detail-oriented personality
  • Involves physical strength

Woodworkers and theatre actors are complementary careers in that one- woodwork- is a relaxing activity. Why should you advise an actor to try his hand in woodworking?

  • Creativity skills

You have wood which you are not sure if it’s enough to make what you want. Moreover, your only strength is woodwork skills. You have to think of the best designs that suit the type of wood to make a reasonable product from scratch.  

It’s not a simple exercise. The level of mental acuity and creativity involved in the work gives an actor the leverage to customize his artistic skills to perfect whatever assigned role. It explains the reason why one actor takes parallel characters and still manages to develop it to perfection.

Woodwork involves the use of several tools; it’s impossible to invest in all of them. The best option is to improvise or invest in multipurpose devices. A cabinet table saw is one such example; once you plug it on a power source, with the power switch on the handle, you can do both metalwork and woodwork cutting functions.

Is that not an excellent way to save money and time? A wood planer, on the other hand, uses a system that minimizes kickback on the blade to enhance its functionality. It’s a safety measure to prevent the wood from moving towards you at high speed, which at times can be fatal.

  • It’s ideal form of workout

The roles you play in a plot determine whether you have a sedentary lifestyle or an active one. With time as a limiting factor, at times, it’s not easy to maintain healthy body weight through physical exercises.

It’s time to take your woodwork tools and make some furniture at home. Before you notice, you have strengthened your muscles. The lifting and movement involved in this activity are equivalent to an hour of aerobic exercise.

The importance of workout for a theatre actor/woodworker include

  • Maintains a healthy body weight
  • Keeps lifestyle diseases at bay
  • Improves cardiac health
  • Enhances their general fitness
  • Boosts one’s energy

As long as the artist is fit, he can sustain the long-standing hours associated with the job. Furthermore, he can take up the strict roles that need both mental and physical fitness with ease. Generally, it widens his/her opportunities in the acting cycles.

  • Sharpens one’s mind

Woodwork needs a lot of mental focus and concentration. Any slight mistake ruins the outcome of the product. An actor who regularly involves in woodwork activities improves his thinking capacity.

The close relationship between a focussed mind and the level of serotonin stimulates the production of happiness hormones. It clearly explains why woodworkers have an ever-smiling face.

Other direct benefits of these include a boosted self-esteem and further self-confidence ideal in the success of the artistic career.

  • Social interaction

Working behind the cameras and theatre rooms can be monotonous. Woodworking, on the other hand, is a social career. The woodwork clubs gives an actor a wide range of networks ideal in his primary profession.

When one gets the role of a woodworker or something similar, he can correctly do it simply because he has a practical experience now that it’s a side hassle. There is also the option of offering to train upcoming woodworkers on the concepts in woodwork.

Are those not essential contacts? Before an actor notices, he is in a woodwork community where they encourage and interact on the various issue in line with their hobby- woodwork.

We are in a world of social media.

Apart from the social networks in acting, you have an interest in woodwork and related groups. The small online community broadens your mind on the trends and modern strategies in the industry. Do you think the renowned woodworkers started big?

  • Maintains proper health

The long-standing or sitting hours while practicing or acting the real film may have detrimental effects on your health. Woodwork suppresses this lifestyle. You have to move from one point to the other.

Depending on the number of hours spent while working, you maintain a healthy weight. You also can’t overlook the enhanced mental health that comes with happiness and self-confidence level as a result of working with wood.

  • Provides a sense of fulfillment

In life, self-actualization and fulfillment impact positively on both the physical and mental health. The fact that you can design a DIY woodwork project from scratch satisfies your ego as an artist.

 It goes hand in hand with boosting self-esteem that we mentioned earlier.

All actors need to engage in a parallel activity to have a complete work-life balance. You can’t practice and play all the time. What do you do when you are on leave and want to relax at home? Why not make a shoe rack for your shoes or make a bookshelf for your heart-thrilling novels? In simple terms, where possible, theater actors should have woodworking skills for the benefit of their profession.