Can Shooting Be Considered a Good Pastime for Theatre Actors?

Theatre actors are busy people and, as such, need to unwind every chance they get. The nature of their job entails auditioning, rehearsing, and performing in stage plays or musicals; therefore, they ought to engage in satisfying and beneficial pastimes at their leisure.

Like other professions, theatre acting is taxing and tiring, even more so because actors are kept on their feet channeling their voices and emotions to their given role for the sole enjoyment of the audience. They also have to be in a creative mode, thinking of how to create a joke, an emotion, or a life lesson. Actors are exhausted and stressed and should have different options for relaxation.

Actors also suffer from emotional and mental drain from overexerting their brain, engaging in a shooting range will help them relax and cool off. There are numerous reasons why theatre actors will consider shooting a rewarding pastime; the health, mental, and physical benefits are truly enormous.

Shooting or gun shooting is actually considered a sport with the use of firearms in these modern times in shooting ranges.

There are specific pieces of equipment for shooting, but having rated a ton of Valkyrie scopes, you can decide which best fits your need. Everything needed for the shooting is found in the gear in shooting ranges, which ranges from guns, accessories to fire starters, first aid supplies, etc.

Read on to discover why theatre actors should consider shooting as a regular pastime to unwind and cool off.

1. Helps You Keep Fit

Shooting helps keep you fit. Consider quitting the gym and hitting the shooting ranges instead. The exercises involved in shooting can increase your heart rate and improve blood circulation, leading to better health. This exercise is the best form of cardiovascular workout while having fun at the same time.

The thrill that comes with scoring a bull’s eye sends a surge of adrenaline through you, which produces more glucose; also, lifting the heavy shooting gear will help tone your bicep muscles. Shooting removes sluggishness from your body and keeps your body in the tip-top position it needs for maximum performance.

2. Easy Bonding with Family and Colleagues

Bringing your family and co-actors to a shooting range is a great way to bond with them as it involves lots of communication, team effort, and trust. It’s a much better fun thing to do than watching a movie or staying indoors. You’ll get to celebrate together when the shooting becomes enjoyable and even prepare meals after, which will be eaten together, increasing the bonding experiencing.

3. Develop New Skills

Shooting helps you pick up a few skills, such as patience, time management, discipline, increased alertness, which will enhance your personal growth. Safety is the number one priority in shooting; therefore, it helps you develop a sharp wit and survival skills to spot any danger considering you are dealing with wild animals. These skills will further enhance the actor and the crew’s overall performance if they went together.  Engaging in a fun pastime will help them become more relaxed and be in a tip-top position to perform better.

4. Chance to Meditate

According to a friend who likes shooting regularly, it is his chance also to meditate as it needs much focus. When he craves solitude and a little peace which he can’t get from the house, he goes shooting to clear his head. He said he always finds answers to problems at work, in his personal life, or just generally inspired to perform better. Actors are creative people, and being in the midst of nature can help them find that quiet time and open up their creative door allowing for a free flow of creative ideas that’ll enable them to be better at their art.


An actor’s busy life requires him to balance his work life with with activities he engages in outside work. What an actor does away from the theatre significantly affects his career growth and the flow of his creative juice.

Engaging in a fruitful and relaxing pastime like shooting will help your overtaxed brain and help build your biceps. It’ll help you become more alert and give you room to bond with family and crew members or provide you with time to meditate if you went alone. Whatever way you wish to enjoy shooting, know the benefits of shooting at your leisure are enormous, especially as it’ll help you become better at what you do.