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Theatre arts and performances help with goal-setting, academic performance, building self-esteem, and developing empathy. It also builds bridges, boosts self-confidence, hones communication skills, and develops critical thinking skills, atop being a major form of entertainment.

Theater fosters creativity and allows people to express their opinions, emotions and messages. Apart from stimulating creativity in players, it also evokes the thought process. This helps with everyday decision-making and the need for critical thinking.

We can learn lots of lessons from theatre. They include teamwork, self-awareness, being realistic, the ability to work with people from different backgrounds, and time management skills. It also teaches us to be open and receptive to criticism, being adaptive, good problem-solving skills, public speaking skills, and confidence.

You require a range of skills to become an actor. They include creative insight, good memory, the ability to play the role of a character to engage an audience, and good screen, stage or vocal presence. You also need good understanding of dramatic techniques, energy, confidence, dedication, and a passion for the role.

Theatre expresses a basic human instinct, models a democratic discourse, brings people together, and does no harm. It also ignites economic revitalization, contributes to literary and education, and influences our self-feelings about own lives and our thoughts.