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Onyx Theatre is an online platform that provides information about theatres in Las Vegas to keep you informed and entertained. We feature performers and local artists to help you know your local artistic and theatrical actors.

We also offer the latest news and updates about artistic expression, unlimited entertainment, free minds, and socially-relevant art enthusiasts. We’re the online resource for all the information you may need about Las Vegas theatres.

Theatres in Las Vegas promote problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Participants engage in lots of work geared toward producing shows, making them valuable troubleshooters. Some opportunities to creatively tackle theatrical challenges include mastering change in a tricky scene and coming up with mnemonics to memorize lines.

Prompt attendance of music and choreography sessions and rehearsals impart discipline in performers. They become trustworthy and reliable as self-disciplined individuals.

At Onyx Theatre, we create community awareness about the various theatrical productions at different theatres in Las Vegas. We provide the information necessary to link parents, families and neighbors with community centers and local vendors. We achieve this through the publicity we create about Las Vegas theatres.


We also understand that students who engage in theater develop public speaking skills. The opportunity to work with other performers and actors helps develop teamwork skills. We encourage students in Las Vegas and the rest of the nation to embrace theatrical performances for the benefits they offer.


A regular creative outlet is an important part of education, including your general wellbeing and emotional health. Production of shows helps learners to access growth opportunities and brings arts under one roof.

As an example, kinesthetic learners take part in dances, spatial learners tackle design of set and costume, and linguistic learners are into the spoken and written word. On the other hand, musical learners revel in the score of shows.

Musical theaters are fun and support young people in their efforts and endeavors to develop the multiple skills they need to attain success in the fast-paced world.

Performers develop self-confidence through rehearsals and performances. They discover how to indulge in emotional and creative risks, and develop trust in their abilities.

Theatrical performances improve writing and reading skills, hence boosting literacy. This is possible through notes-taking at rehearsals, reading and re-reading of scripts, and lines memorizing.

Performers also learn how to articulate questions and thoughts, including listening to directions for enhanced performances. These tasks foster communication skills.

Theatre fully engages the thoughts and imaginations of participants. This results in interpretive design and performance choices to develop a fictional and detailed world for viewers. Creation of characters and stories and exploration of other people’s lives fosters empathy.

Theatre also promotes problem-solving and critical thinking skills. It fosters discipline, community awareness, teamwork, and public speaking skills. At Onyx Theatre, we understand the essence of theatre and work to ensure that it benefits performers, viewers and the entire community.